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Disney on Ice - Diamond of Love

The Diamond of Love, also known as the Love Diamond, is a diamond of considerable size.


The Diamond of Love is a gem currently in the possession of the Acme Jewelry Company.


Live show[]

Ice-Head Harry has the Hoods steal the Diamond of Love from the Acme Jewelry Company. He doesn't mean to keep it for himself, but to give it to Dazzles, a singer and dancer whom he is attracted to. The diamond is stolen with little effort, but Dazzles isn't interested as she already loves someone else; a fact she reminds Ice-Head Harry that he already knows. Furious, Ice-Head Harry attempts to kill Dazzles, but Darkwing arrives with the police to save her. Ice-Head Harry is arrested and the diamond returned to its rightful owner. "Walt Disney's World on Ice: Double Feature... Live!"