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Derek Blunt was the most legendary secret agent employed by SHUSH, author of twenty-three novels (including Live and Let Spy and Goldfeather), sixteen of which were adapted into motion pictures, and inspired an entire toy line. He was the only agent in the history of SHUSH to capture the villainous Phineas Sharp, and he prided himself on having done so without the use of any gadgets or gimmicks. When Sharp escaped from prison and stole the master list of SHUSH agents, J. Gander Hooter called Blunt out of retirement and partnered him with Darkwing Duck, much to the elder agent's disgust. Initially spiteful of one another (Blunt of Darkwing because of his overreliance on gadgets and Darkwing of Blunt because of his "phobia of modern technology"), the two eventually learned to get along after Darkwing saved them both from one of Sharp's deadly traps.

He was voiced by Peter Reneday.







"In Like Blunt"

Joe Books comics[]

Darkwing is working on a crimefighting manual for which he hopes Blunt is willing to write the foreword. "Orange Is the New Purple, Part 2"


  • Derek Blunt is an amalgam references to fictional spies Derek Flint, on whom his name is based, and James Bond as well as spy fiction writer Ian Fleming.
  • Live and Let Spy and Goldfeather are references to respectively the 1954-1973 novel-movie Live and Let Die and the 1959-1964 novel-movie Goldfinger.
  • A spy by the name of Goldfeather appears in the DuckTales episode "The Duck Who Knew Too Much". It is possible Goldfeather is about a case in which Blunt thwarted a plan of hers.
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