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The Darkwings of the Multiverse is a one-off team consisting of around hundred 'Darkwings" from various dimensions. They were brought together in the dimension of Darkwing Duck by Magica De Spell and Negaduck. The villains teamed up to abduct and brainwash as many Darkwings as they could to cause trouble.

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Names written in standard format are confirmed names. Names written in cursive lack an official description and are nicknames. Names with a * after them are names given to the Darkwings by other characters who may have been using a nickname. The Darkwings are listed in order of appearance in the "Crisis on Infinite Darkwings" arc.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  • Mummy Darkwing*
  • Vampire Darkwing*
  • Gill-Duck Darkwing*
  • Frankenstein Darkwing*
  • (Fourth) Doctor Who Darkwing
  • Optimus Prime Darkwing
  • Simba Darkwing (with Timon Morgana and Pumbaa Launchpad)
  • Jonas Brothers Darkwings
  • Gandalf Darkwing
  • Facilier Darkwing
  • Darth Vader Darkwing
  • Indiana Jones Darkwing
  • Harry Potter Darkwing
  • Chip Darkwing (with Dale Launchpad)
  • Hamburger Guy Darkwing
  • Gangster Darkwing
  • Suit Darkwing
  • Roger Rabbit Darkwing (wielding the Singing Sword)
  • Insect Darkwing (with Beetle Launchpad)
  • Swimsuit Darkwing
  • Mr. Incredible Darkwing
  • Aquaman Darkwing
  • Rorschach Darkwing
  • Metal legs Darkwing
  • Kid Flash Darkwing
  • Tron Darkwing
  • Sherlock Holmes Darkwing
  • Lady Gaga Darkwing
  • ?? Darkwing
  • Pop Eye Darkwing
  • Jim Hawkins Darkwing
  • ?? Darkwing
  • Clown Darkwing
  • Waldo Darkwing
  • King Kong Darkwing
  • Iron Man Darkwing
  • Centaur Darkwing
  • Blob Darkwing
  • Colonel Hathi Darkwing
  • Carmen Miranda Darkwing
  • Pharaoh Darkwing
  • Smurf Darkwing
  • Aladdin Darkwing
  • Kermit Darkwing
  • Beer Hat Darkwing
  • Charlie Chaplin Darkwing
  • Avatar Darkwing
  • Launchpad Darkwing
  • Samurai Darkwing
  • Bart Simpson Darkwing
  • Abraham Lincoln Darkwing
  • Rocketeer Darkwing
  • RoboCop Darkwing
  • Gentle Darkwing Duck
  • David the Gnome Darkwing
  • Blues Brothers Darkwing
  • Blues Brothers Darkwings
  • Sailor Moon Darkwing
  • Calvin (and Hobbes) Darkwing
  • KISS Darkwing
  • Mario Darkwing
  • The Thing Darkwing
  • Spock Darkwing
  • Seven Dwarfs Darkwings
  • Goofy Darkwing
  • Donald Darkwing


The cross-dimensional transit system was used to gather the Darkwings."Crisis on Infinite Darkwings, Part 1"


  • The name "Darkwings of the Multiverse" is not used in the comics. It is instead a name proposed by Comic Vine user The Poet, as a play on the name "Supermen of the Multiverse", which is a team created by Grant Morrison. Ian Brill has occasionally mentioned Morrison as the biggest influence on his views of (superhero-based) comic books. Brill also later approved of the name "Darkwings of the Multiverse".[1]
  • The inspirations for the members of the Darkwings of the Multiverse can be divided in roughly four groups: Darkwing alternatives that appeared in the cartoon, Darkwing alternatives that double as cameos of numerous other characters both owned by Disney and not, and Darkwing alternatives that are wholly original. Examples of the four in order are Demolition Duck, Tinkerbell Darkwing, Rorschach Darkwing, and Bowling Ball Darkwing.
  • Because he does not have a narrative, Blob Darkwing could have that form for a number of reasons, but most logically would be a Darkwing who's come into contact with a version of IQ2U.
  • Ian Brill has for fun headwritten a backstory for Bowling Ball Darkwing, his favorite of the team. Part of this backstory is that his archenemy is Negaball. While technically not canon, Negaball would qualify as another alternative Darkwing.[2]