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The Darkwing Squad - say hi to the fans

The Darkwing Squad are a four- or five-membered unit of elite SHUSH agents active as students of Darkwing Duck.

The team consists of:

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And now it's time to present some hot, new talents. Destined to turn this town around. Let's put our hands together for the Darkwing Squad. He is the burro that kicks in the night. Darkwing Donkey. And here is the pup who barks when he bites. Darkwing Dog. She's the doe who leaps higher than kites. Darkwing Deer. And who's the bird that pecks at your plight? Darkwing Dodo. Sir, this is worse than cheap vaudevillian show.

training best agents under Grizz -> Darkwing agents you'll train will train others



When I say go, you have ten seconds to render your adversary harmless. On your mark, get set, go! Calculate wind velocity minus circumference. Research all strategical attack data used in last 100 years. Measure opponent's muscle mass to ascertain exact force factor. Check logistical planning tactics to minimize potential dangers. "The Darkwing Squad" motorcycles after the Ratcatcher, but with their own faces.

Darkwing fails to talk himself out of that before a cloud of pink smoke draws his attention. Deer is searching for a color of smoke that perfectly sets off the blush in her cheeks. Darkwing can only respond with sarcasm before a photo flash pulls his attention along.

Deer instructs Dog on hte proper technique of getting an aambeeld on one's head. Darkwing angrily rebuts that that's not a technique but an accident. As he says that, he has such an accident of his own and Deer points out how marvelous of an example Darkwing is. "The Darkwing Squad"

Darkwing talks with Hooter and leaves to check up on the squad's training. At the door, he is accidentally kicked back into the office by Dodo, who was training his entrances. Hooter is delighted, even though Darkwing is in pain. The two Darkwings return to the training room, where Dodo switches to martial arts training. One of his kicks lands him with his right foot stuck in the wall. Darkwing advises him to plan his landings, but Dodo counters that goes against his earlier instruction to give up procedures. Darkwing fails to talk himself out of that before a cloud of pink smoke draws his attention.