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DW TG16 - Darkwing Duck robot

The Darkwing Duck robot is a robot created by F.O.W.L., with the aid of various other enemies of Darkwing Duck. The robot resembles the masked crimefighter in all but its mechanical details and the fact it's about four times as tall as he is. It is supposedly the "ultimate crime weapon", though that title may be just a little exaggerated.


The Darkwing Duck robot is one of the few robots still produced by F.O.W.L. after cancellation of the robotic minions program "F.O.W.L. Disposition, Part 2" and it's possibly the largest robot the organization ever built. It is the only robot known to have been built with outside help, specifically that of Moliarty, Megavolt, and Tuskerninni. They communicated about the robot's construction by means of instructions left on the back of the Mona Lisa, which was effective enough that neither SHUSH nor Darkwing Duck could figure it out before the robot was finished. In addition to its significant size, the Darkwing Duck robot is capable of producing and releasing up to four other lethal Darkwing Duck robots the size of toys at once. They are released from the head and come down with parachutes. Both the gas gun and jumping atop them works to destroy or damage both kinds of robots, which Darkwing made good use of. "Darkwing Duck"


Video games[]

Despite being individually defeated, Steelbeak, Moliarty, Megavolt, and Tuskerninni finish the Darkwing Duck robot in time for Darkwing to have a sizeable opponent. However, the gas gun and athletics give the crimefighter the advantage needed to win, which he does by thoroughly destroying the robot. "Darkwing Duck"