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Darkwing Duck and the Robot Plants is a Golden Star Reader that was published in 1991.


The story starts with Gosalyn, who is taking care of plants for a school project. She's supposed to see if music helps plants grow. However, she played the music far too loud, and the plants were dying. Darkwing tells her that plants dislike loud music, just like he does. He then decides to go on a walk, for a bit of peace and quiet. Gosalyn asks him if he could get her some new plants while he's out. Unfortunately, the flower shop was closed at the time. But Darkwing promises to order her some tomorrow.

Bushroot, who, disguised as a rose bush, was outside Darkwing's house, spying on them, because he wanted to steal the gas gun. He was listening to their conversation, and it had given him an idea. He quickly hurried to his science lab, and got to work. He created two robot plants, which he called Plantoids.

The next day, Bushroot parked a delivery van on Darkwing's street. After a while, Darkwing came outside. Gosalyn asked him to please remember to order her more plants, and DW hopped on the RatCatcher and drove off. After Darkwing was out of sight, Bushroot began to put his plan into action. He put on a long white coat, and a big white hat which read "Flower Power Shop". Then, he carried the Plantoids over to Darkwing's door, which wasn't easy due to their size and weight. Still catching his breath after carrying the Plantoids, Bushroot rang the doorbell. Gosalyn opened the door, and Bushroot ducked behind the robo-plants to ensure that she wouldn't be able to see who he was. He told her to take good care of them, then ran off and hid behind a tree. He removed his delivery hat, and instead put on a headset, so that he could hear whatever was said inside, from the microphones in the Plantoids. He also took out their remote control, for obvious reasons.

Believing that the Plantoids were the plants her dad had ordered for her, Gosalyn took them inside. She pulled them to the den, and struggled to place them on the window sill. She then watered them, and opened to the window so they could have fresh air. Afterwards, she went to her room to play her stereo.

When Gosalyn left, the Plantoids began to move. Bushroot was controlling them from outside. The Plantoids grew limbs, and began searching the den for the gas gun. After completely trashing the place, they went to the kitchen. They were making quite the mess, when Gosalyn came in to get a snack. She was shocked to find the plants messing up the kitchen, and asked what was going on. Bushroot, who heard thanks to his headphones, ordered the Plantoids to get Gosalyn out of the house. The robot plants began approaching her. She tried to run, but it was no use. One of them wrapped it's vines around Gosalyn's legs and beak, and dragged her outside, and began slowly dragging her across the lawn.

Just then, Darkwing came back home. The Plantoid that was still in the house hid behind a curtain, so that he wouldn't see it. Darkwing called out to Gosalyn to tell her he ordered her some plants, but there was no response. Then he noticed the den was totally trashed, and again called out for her, but still to no avail. As Darkwing was wondering what to do next, the Plantoid slowly sneaked up on him. It began reaching it's hands towards his pockets, hoping to find the gas gun. Darkwing heard it and turned around, but upon seeing it, mistook it for an actual plant. Confused on why it was on the middle of the floor, or in his house at all, he moved it to the window sill. Then he looked out the window, and was beyond shocked to see another of these strange plants, dragging his beloved daughter across the lawn.

He ran for the door to go help her, but the other Plantoid wrapped it's vines around his feet and tripped him. Before he could get back up, the Plantoid jumped from the window sill and landed atop him. It then began poking it's fingers through his cape, looking for the gas gun. Darkwing struggled to get away, until the Plantoid actually found the gas gun, and got off of him, to go give it to Bushroot. But Darkwing wasn't about to just let it get away. He knew he needed to get the gas gun back, so he could help his daughter. He chased the Plantoid around the den, before finding his hat, which had fallen off during the events prior, on the floor. He took it, and pulled it over the Plantoid. It paused for a minute, and Darkwing took this opportunity to grab onto one end of the gas gun. They both pulled on the gas gun, trying to take it from the other, when Darkwing's fingers slipped, and he accidentally hit the trigger, which made hiccup gas hit him in the face.

Darkwing began hiccuping uncontrollably, which caused him to bounce around the room. Until he hit into the window sill, and Gosalyn's dying plants, pot and all, fell and hit him on the foot. His hiccups were gone, but now his foot hurt. It didn't really matter to him, though, because now he had an idea on how to help Gosalyn. As fast as he could go, he ran into Gosalyn's room, and got her stereo. Then he went back downstairs, and, dug through a pile of things that the Plantoids had knocked onto the floor. Soon, he found what he was looking for, two pairs of earmuffs. He ran outside, where Gosalyn was holding onto a small tree so as to try and slow the Plantoid down from dragging her away. The second Plantoid was approaching with the gas gun.

DW ran over and placed a pair of the earmuffs onto Gosalyn, who was confused as it wasn't even cold out, and then put a pair onto himself. Then he stood between Gos and the Plantoids, and turned the stereo on. Then he turned the sound up to "super blast". The Plantoids let go of Gosalyn, and the gas gun, and began to shake and shiver, tremble and twitch. Darkwing turned the volume up even higher, to "Super duper blast". The Plantoids root feet curled, and their leaves turned stiff and brown. They began falling to pieces, until nothing was left of them except a pile of parts on the ground. Bushroot too was being affected by the music (only of course, he wasn't falling to pieces).

Darkwing turned off the stereo, and he and Gosalyn took of the earmuffs, before hugging each other. Gosalyn told DW that she was happy to see him, and that those sure were some weird plants. Darkwing explained to Gosalyn that they had actually been robots created by Bushroot, who was now crawling away. Gosalyn supposes she could use what was left of the plants for her science project, and now that she's seen what it does, decides to never use loud music for plants again. Darkwing smiled, and told her that if she ever forgot and did use loud music for her plants again, at least he'd have his earmuffs. The two of them laughed as they headed back to the house.