Darkwing Duck Wiki

Dear contributors and visitors of the Darkwing Duck Wiki,

The management wishes you a pleasant experience at the Darkwing Duck Wiki. To make this possible, a few rules have been put in place both to protect the wiki and its audience as well as make management a little less bad than pure pain. Whether you read them or not, you are expected to know them. This may not be a pleasant welcoming message, but the admins will act if the rules are broken. A first time offense that is not outright malicious can earn you anything from a warning to up to a week of banishment, depending on the situation. And of course, past that punishment will be harsher.

The management would rather not be pressured into hitting the "Block" button, so please take your time reading the rules. Again, these are here to make the wiki a better and easier place for everyone.

General rules

  1. Contributors and visitors are assumed and expected to know the rules.
  2. Edits should be made to improve the wiki. Edits for the sake of acquiring badges are strictly forbidden.
  3. Vandalism is not allowed, not even as a form of protest.
  4. The Darkwing Duck Wiki is for Darkwing Duck canon only. Do familiarize yourself with wiki's guidelines for what constitutes canon.
  5. You are responsible for your account. That means that if the account does something bad, you can blame your sibling/cousin/friend or whomever, but measures will be taken against the account still. Even if you are believed, your account has been proven to be not secure and you cannot guarantee it won't happen again.
  6. Do not take problems from any other wiki to the Darkwing Duck Wiki. This wiki is not your arena or second chance.