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In 1991, Playmates Toys, a toy manufacturer founded in 1966 that specializes in licensed series, released an collection of twelve action figurines, toy vehicles, one pretend-play weapon, and one large collector figurine to accompany the then-new Darkwing Duck cartoon series. It was estimated that the line would be well-received and a second wave, containing thirteen toys, was in the final stages of preparation prior to production before Disney terminated their licensing agreement with Playmates, thus bringing about the end of the Darkwing Duck toy line.


Wave Year Type Toy
1 1991 Action figurines Darkwing Duck
Launchpad McQuack
Gosalyn Mallard
Honker Muddlefoot
Toy vehicles Ratcatcher
Pretend-play weapon Gas gun
Collector figurine Darkwing Duck
2 Cancelled Action figurines Morgana Macawber
J. Gander Hooter
Vladimir Gryzlikoff
Toy vehicles Quack Copter
Wind-up toys Brainteasers
Pizza mushroom
Venus flytrap


All Playmates Toys Darkwing Duck items, with the exception of the larger collector figurine, come with quotes and intelligence reports, providing a little insight in the nature of the character or object represented.

Wise Quackers
General: Out of the shadows comes a duck of mystery and action...
Darkwing Duck: When there's trouble, call D.W.!
Launchpad McQuack: Good shot, boss!
General: His daughter Gosalyn and her best friend Honker Muddlefoot:
Gosalyn: Let's get silly!
Honker Muddlefoot: Let's get practical!
Fall Guys
General: Steelbeak and the other fall guys each have a nasty plan for Darkwing Duck...
Steelbeak: Welcome to my beak of defeat!
Tuskerninni: That's a wrap for you!
Megavolt: Do I shock you, Dimwing?
Bushroot: I'll fertilize that duck!
Darkwing Duck
Name: Drake Mallard, AKA Darkwing Duck
Occupation: Top secret agent and crime fighter.
Special Skills: Quack shot with gas gun. Master of state-of-the-art, high-tech crime-fighting gadgets.
Quote: "I am the terror that flaps in the night!"
Personality: A duck of mystery and action. Dedicated to fowling up the plans of criminals everywhere. Darkwing's ego is as big as his crime busting talent. No super hero has more style or flair, and none has more energy or provides more laughs. The only thing he cares more about than his work is his adopted daughter, Gosalyn.
Launchpad McQuack
Name: Launchpad McQuack
Occupation: Darkwing's personal pilot and sidekick.
Special Skills: Flying, driving, crashing anything that moves!
Quote: "Any crash you can walk away from is a good one."
Personality: Dependable as the day is long, Launchpad's the most loyal friend any duck could desire. Too naive to be scared of danger, McQuack is the right guy to have at your side on any mission—as long as you're not counting on him for any bright ideas. A big-hearted, always upbeat lug, he has a soft spot for kids and anyone in trouble.
Name: Gosalyn
Occupation: Tomboy.
Special Skills: Natural athlete; getting Darkwing Duck into and out of trouble; avoiding school work.
Quote: "School's okay. It's the work I hate!"
Personality: Nine year old, adopted daughter of Drake Mallard, AKA Darkwing Duck. She's feisty, headstrong and always willing to dive headfirst into unknown danger. Gosalyn is Darkwing's secret weapon and biggest headache. Her adventures with her secret agent father allow her to act out her wildest dreams and fantasies.
Honker Muddlefoot
Name: Honker Muddlefoot
Occupation: Boy genius, honor student.
Special Skills: Has photographic memory; is a walking encyclopedia.
Quote: "Let me triple check that just to be sure."
Personality: Pint-sized superbrain and Gosalyn’s best friend. Drake Mallard's next door neighbor, he's the only outsider entrusted with Darkwing Duck's secret identity. Honker checks his plans 2 or 3 times—and still worries that he might be making a mistake. Can find the answer to almost any question in his personal library.
Name: Steelbeak
Occupation: Chief agent for F.O.W.L. and a really nasty FALL GUY.
Special Skills: Super strong metal beak capable of crushing cars.
Quote: "Everyone is expendable... except me of course."
Personality: This evil, egotistical rooster never stops crowning about how powerful he is, but he still leaves the "fowlest" criminal chores to his underlings. Steelbeak seldom bites off more than he can pulverize in his bionic beak, and he's usually too busy strutting his own stuff to succeed with his crooked schemes.
Name: Tuskerninni
Occupation: Thieving thespian.
Special Skills: Staging felonies in the style of famous movies.
Quote: "I'm ready for my close up now. Action!"
Personality: When he got his big acting break, Tuskerninni went from a starving actor to a weird walrus with a weight problem. He's now cast himself as the larcenous leader of a gang of shifty-eyed penguins whom he uses as the players in his real-life recreations of infamous movie heists. Tuskerninni is a pompous performer who ignores his bad reviews and continues to stink up the stage of the crime world.
Name: Megavolt
Occupation: Criminal circuit breaker.
Special Skills: Skates along electric power lines; can zap unsuspecting people with lightning-like bolts of raw energy.
Quote: "You'll get a real charge out of this, Darkwing Duck!"
Personality: A living, breathing battery, this shocking villain can transform ordinary household appliances into "electrifying" tools of destruction. His bitter feud with Darkwing Duck has led him to target the secret agent as his number one object of devastating static. Fortunately for Darkwing, Megavolt's power trips fried his mind a long time ago. That explains his long conversations with light bulbs and toasters.
Name: Bushroot
Occupation: Former research scientist.
Special Skills: Can control all plant and vegetable life to respond to his command.
Quote: "Please don't hurt me, I'm sprouting!"
Personality: Once a brilliant man of science, now a bizarre specimen of criminal plant life, Bushroot is the result of a science experiment gone haywire. A mobile plant with the power to make other flora do his villainous dirty work, Bushroot has been known to command ivy vines to attack like strangling snakes, giant redwoord trees to crash through brick walls, and cacti to fire their needles like stinger missiles. Deep down, he's a coward who avoids risking his roots at all costs.
Gas gun
Intelligence Report: The world famous Gas Gun was the first wonder weapon SHUSH ever developed for Darkwing Duck. Unfortunately, the labels on the gas ammo canisters washed off years ago, and he winds up firing laughing gas when he means to fire knockout gas. Easily recognizable by its unique "laughing gas" sound and the smoldering gas that floats out of the barrel, it's not the most reliable secret weapon. But Darking flaps with the flow, and no matter what gas he gets, he uses it to his ultimate advantage!
Intelligence Report: Darkwing Duck's Ratcatcher, a super-charged one-of-a-kind motorcycle, is the result of the brilliant minds in the SHUSH design and development department. Turbo-assist jets provide enough thrust to rocket over small buildings in one shot. Capable of speeds over 200 MPH, the Ratcatcher has sometimes proved to be too much street machine for Darkwing Duck. But with Gosalyn or Launchpad in the sidecar they've managed to pounce on many an unsuspecting ruffian with the aid of the Ratcatcher's "silent" mode and team driving.
Thunderquack Jet
Intelligence Report: Shaped like a giant duck's head for perfect aerodynamic maneuvering, Darkwing Duck's Thunderquack Jet is the world's most dangerous supersonic transport. With ace Launchpad McQuacks at the pilot's controls, the Thunderquack Jet brings Darkwing Duck screaming down upon hoodlums from up high. Stealth Duck technology and a dazzling array of top secret weapons make the "T-Quack" the ultimate in wild-winged terror fighters.


  • If the choice for Steelbeak, Tuskerninni, Bushroot, and Megavolt as the villain half of wave 1 seems odd, these four were the villains picked to be promoted at some point during development of Darkwing Duck. They are also the villain line-up mentioned in the editiorial published by Disney Comics when the first issue came out.
  • It's not clear where the Quack Copter comes from; that is, whether it is a design by Playmates Toys to make up for Darkwing having no regular vehicles beyond the two they already produced for wave 1 or a design made by the cartoon crew but either discarded or meant for an episode eventually not produced due to the show getting cancelled.


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