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Darkwing Duck JoeBooks 1 textless cover

Textless cover art for the first issue.

The Joe Books run of Darkwing Duck comics was unofficially announced on October 22, 2014 and officially announced on January 18, 2016 following a year-long delay. Its point of origin is the The Definitively Dangerous Edition, a near-complete collection of rewritten comics by Boom! Studios.

Unfortunately, despite positive reception from critics and fans, the comic sold poorly and was cancelled after a mere eight issues. While a new Darkwing Duck comic has been announced by Dynamite Entertainment, it is not going to be a continuation of this series, as it is instead being done by a completely different creative team.[1] As such, all of the unresolved plot threads from this series will never, ever be resolved.

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Darkwing Duck comics[]

Issue Title Arc Date
Extra The Definitively Dangerous Edition Extra February 24, 2015
01 "Orange Is the New Purple" 1-01 April 27, 2016
02 "Orange Is the New Purple" 1-02 May 25, 2016
03 "Orange Is the New Purple" 1-03 July 13, 2016
04 "A Midsummer Gnat's Spree" 2-01 August 24, 2016
05 "The Kitty Cat Caper!" 3-01 September 28, 2016
06 "St. Canard Comic Expo Fest-O-Rama" 4-01 November 16, 2016
07 "Dawn of the Day of the Return of the Living Spud" 5-01 January 25, 2017
08 "Dawn of the Day of the Return of the Living Spud" 5-02 March 8, 2017


The original information on the trade paperbacks, known as the Darkwing Duck Comics Collection, by Joe Books was that they would collect six issues each. Therefore the intent was to make sure at least every sixth issue closed its story.[2] However, this plan had to readjusted by the time of the release of the third issue, because the "quick sell-out of the first three issues necessitated getting a trade put together quickly, so readers who missed the monthly offerings could get on board in time to jump on with 5 and beyond."[3]

Number Arcs Issues Date
01 1-2 1-4 December 28, 2016