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When Aliens Collide - Darkwing's spaceship

Darkwing's spaceship is a space vehicle belonging to Darkwing Duck. It has the same general configration as the Thunderquack, but is much larger with a long tail and a bulging cockpit. There's an airlock at the front of the lower beak.


Darkwing's spaceship is Darkwing's one vehicle capable of space travel. Its creator would most likely be SHUSH, as the organization has a space program that has also produced vehicles like the Stealth Shuttle. "Bad Tidings" At the same time, it is modeled after the Thunderquack, which is Launchpad McQuack's creation, "Darkly Dawns the Duck" and depends on the top of Darkwing Tower opening to leave. SHUSH does not know where Darkwing's base is, so this feature would have to be Launchpad's addition. It is very well possible the spaceship represents a rare cooperation invention, a status only realistically shared with the Flashquack. "Water Way to Go"

As with the Thunderquack, Darkwing leaves the piloting of the spaceship to Launchpad. The spaceship got destroyed during one case and it is unknown if it was fixed thereafter. "When Aliens Collide"



The criminal Wacko steals Big Nasty's spaceship and takes Gosalyn Mallard and Honker Muddlefoot into space with him. Darkwing, Launchpad, and Captain Big Nasty hurry to Darkwing Tower to get Darkwing's spaceship and follow them. They manage to crash into Big Nasty's spaceship, granting them access, but Wacko tricks them. Because Big Nasty's spaceship had engine problems, he'd been stuck if not for the arrival of Darkwing's spaceship. By disguising himself as a rope, he tricks the three adults to come aboard, then sneaks into their spaceship. He departs immediately for Earth, uncaring for the hole he leaves that threatens the others. Some time later, he crashes Darkwing's spaceship in the Muddlefoots' yard in search for his seismospheres. "When Aliens Collide"