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The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck - Darkwing's parents

Darkwing's parents, of which the husband is named Drake-El, are a set of upstanding citizens that gave birth to Darkwing. They have a good, loving marriage and provide a healthy environment for their son to grow up in.

The mother was voiced by the late Zelda Rubinstein and the father by Jim Cummings.



Darkwing's parents are inhabitants of Zipton, one of the many planets out there in the universe. Their marriage is a quality one and they care greatly for Darkwing. When they had to choose who of them would live at the cost of the other two, they chose for their son to be saved without a moment of hesitation.


Both the woman and the man are kind-hearted, caring, and in general the type of people one is surprised to find to exist outside commercials. Drake-El is inventive, but a first degree klutz.


  • Drake-El is a white-feathered duck of medium size. He wears a purple tunic, a purple cape with a pink satin lining, and purple sweatband.
  • The woman is a white-feathered duck of medium size with blue eyes. She wears a lavender robe and a lavender cap.



In a questionable retelling of the Darkwing Duck mythology, Drake-El confronts his brother when he threatens to blow up Zipton if he isn't made leader of the entire planet. The brother has built a bomb to go with his threat, but doesn't actually mean to risk destroying everything and everyone. Drake-El, however, accidentally sits on the detonator. Now that the planet is doomed, he rushes home to his family and a rocket he has built that can save one of them. It's an easy choice that the baby gets to escape to Gribblefritz. To ensure his future safety, Drake-El gives him an army blaster that belonged to the baby's great-grandfather to keep with him. "The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck"



  • Darkwing's parents are adaptions of Superman characters Jor-El and Lara.
  • Many bits of the janitor's story line up with facts of the rest of the series, just in a different context. Darkwing's parents are among the few that don't have a regular counterpart. However, much like the Ziptonian versions are dead during Darkwing's adult years, it is a distinct possibility that Darkwing's parents are dead in the regular storyline based on the fact that in "Darkly Dawns the Duck" Darkwing had parted with his civilian identity. Negaduck's parents would then be their Negaverse counterparts.