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Darkwing Duck holding his magnifying glass

Darkwing's magnifying glass is, along with the infrapink ultrascan specs, the research counterpart to the gas gun's action purpose. Darkwing Duck doesn't use either former nearly as often as the latter.


For some reason Darkwing has two kinds of magnifying glasses. One shares a design with the gas gun and the other is store-bought in appearance.

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unique design "Darkly Dawns the Duck"/"Darkly Dawns the Duck, Part 2" common design "In Like Blunt" When he hears of J. Gander Hooter's disappearance, Darkwing uses his specialized magnifying glass inside the office to conclude from the pristine condition of the furniture that the abductor is the same person as who's been erasing the ink from money deposits. "Dirty Money" The specialized magnifying glass is again put to use to search for clues regarding the disappearing buildings. "Getting Antsy" unique design "Apes of Wrath" unique design "Beauty and the Beet" common design - 6 of them "Aduckyphobia" unique design "Easy Come, Easy Grows" common design "All's Fahrenheit in Love and War" While investigating a robbery at a toy store, Darkwing fails to spot Quackerjack's trademark windup teeth with his specialized magnifying glass, but he does find Quackerjack Toys' logo on them once the store clerk points out the teeth. "Toys Czar Us" "It's a Wonderful Leaf" Darkwing is going nuts over a lack of crime and first uses his specialized magnifying glass to detect any sort of crime from way up high in the Thunderquack before realizing the infrapink ultrascan specs are a better tool for this purpose. With them, he finds a candy store that looks like it's just been broken into. It is, but the store clerk can barely provide any information as to the perpetrator, so Darkwing follows the gumball trail from there to the next crime scene. The same scenario occurs and Darkwing continues to follow trails of trash and destruction until he encounters Quackerjack and Megavolt in the Shubird Theater. "Stressed to Kill" As usual, the specialized magnifying glass is used to search for something big, namely the statue of the Ancient Dragon of Kung Pow, which Darkwing fails to spot until he walks into it. "Kung Fooled" With the specialized magnifying glass, Darkwing searches the desert sands for clues as to Launchpad's abduction by aliens, but all he finds is a lizard he momentarily mistakes for an alien. "U.F. Foe" "Paint Misbehavin'" "Mutantcy on the Bouncy"

Disney Adventures comics[]

Darkwing uses the common design magnifiying glass to get a better look at the odd green snow in the streets of St. Canard. "Fluffy's Reign of Terror!"