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Trading Faces - coffee table

Darkwing's coffee table is one of Darkwing Duck's communication devices located inside the Mallard residence. It looks like an ordinary coffe table, but it has a build-in videophone-type device. It seems Darkwing only made use of it shortly though.


The coffee table in the center of the Mallard living room has a button either on top or on the front which, wwhen pressed, causes a communication screen to fold open. The coffee table is used for communication with SHUSH, being complementary to the Flashquack which originally could only send Darkwing Duck messages but not take any. "Trading Faces" It later got upgraded for direct communication and the coffee table disappears from use. It presumably got replaced by a regular coffee table, as when Gosalyn destroyed it, there were no electronics whatsoever inside. "Stressed to Kill"



A Flashquack arrives at the Mallard residence with the instruction that Darkwing Duck gets in contact soon. He rushes to the coffee table and activates its communication system to find J. Gander Hooter waiting for him with a video tape. The tape is from F.O.W.L., and it contains a message by Steelbeak that by means of the Iggy they have stopped the rotation of the Earth. If one half of the planet doesn't want to freeze to death and the other doesn't want to die from overheating, one-hundred-trillion dollar has to be send to F.O.W.L.. The tape ends on that note and Hooter explains that Darkwing is expected to take this case, as all SHUSH agents so far have failed. Darkwing readily accepts the mission. "Trading Faces"