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The D.R.A.T., short for Darkwing Remote Alert Terminal, is a computer located in the Mallard residence. It uses a system of strategically located sensors to detect a crime in progress and alert Darkwing Duck.

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Unfortunately, while it can tell Darkwing that a crime is occuring, it can't tell him where a crime is occuring. For this Darkwing keeps a radio tuned to KRYM radio. Alternately he can use astronavigation to locate the crime, but by the time he can complete the complex calculations, the crime may well be over. button painting wall



Darkwing gets his first chance to test the D.R.A.T. when Bushroot breaks into the botanical research lab in the middle of the night. As the alarm sounds, Drake rushes downstairs. Launchpad and Gosalyn follow him and he takes the opportunity to show off his new tool. Their inquiry where the crime currently being detected takes place drains his enthusiasm momentarily, because that is a crucial bit of information the D.R.A.T. can't provide. To make up for it, he tunes in on KRYM on the radio, which provides him with the sought-for knowledge. Darkwing fails to capture the villain, however, meaning that the next time the alarm sounds it is again because of Bushroot. Darkwing and his team are inside Darkwing Tower when the siren goes and hurry home to get all the relevant data. This time, Darkwing is prepared to calculate the location of the crime. It takes him so long that the evening newspaper beats him to the conclusion. "Slime Okay, You're Okay" Having learned from experience, Darkwing gets the D.R.A.T. updated to report on a crime's location. It is still bugged when the combined forces of Ammonia Pine and Ample Grime burglarize the rubber works, so the report gives two possible locations: the rubber works and the mouse trap factory. Darkwing erroneously chooses to check the latter first. He gets no second chance either, because Gosalyn is on a recycle spree and is raiding the house for everything that might make her a bit of money. The D.R.A.T. is the first thing Darkwing notices to be missing, although the connected alarm system remains in place. The crimefighter thus has to do with that and KRYM. "Dirtysomething"