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Whiffle While You Work - Crying Chrissy

Crying Chrissy is a cheap brand of dolls presumably part of the Quackerjack Toys lineup. They have a crying feature and the ability to say "Mama!". The dolls are not meant for rough play and break easily.


Crying Chrissy likely went off the market when Quackerjack Toys went out of business. Its owner, Quackerjack, used the brand as inspiration for his first mecha when he became a villain. The Crying Chrissy mecha is about the size of a building and has the same speaking and crying functions as the regular version, but also a comparable shoddy construction. The mecha version was destroyed by Gosalyn Mallard and succeeded by the Terror Teddy mecha.



As part of his attempt to destroy Whiffle Boy, Quackerjack attacks Whiffle Town seated in a Crying Chrissy mecha. Its crying floods the streets and threatens to drown those present. Among them is Darkwing Duck, who means to take it down with mortar but instead shoots tear gas inside the cockpit. Quackerjack, not amused, has the giant doll cry even harder than before. Darkwing tries to attack it again, but the mecha simply capsizes his row boat. Another person present is Gosalyn, who has experience with Crying Chrissy from her days in the orphanage and knows the head is easiest to remove. She fetches herself a surfboard and paddles circles around the mecha. As it tries to keep track of her, the head unscrews. Quackerjack retreats for the time being, using the head as a boat and leaving the rest of the mecha behind in Whiffle Town. "Whiffle While You Work"