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Continuity Cop is one of the many supervillains who owe their power to the ink.



Continuity Cop is a former cop with the ink-given ability to paralyze people by forcing them to remember their entire past in one go.


Like all ink users, Continuity Cop is likely to have some core frustration in his life that makes him recptive to the ink.


There is nothing known about what Continuity Cop looks like.


  • Ian Brill's words on Continuity Cop are: "Continuity Cop (an ex-cop that paralyzes people by having them think of all their personal history at once, is infuriated by Darkwing because he doesn't have a continuity that makes sense)." The reason given for his omission, the only one of the four proposed ink users, is "I liked the idea of Continuity Cop but I believe couldn't figure out a way to fit him into issues #13-16, what with there also be these mayoral race happening at the same time."[1]
  • While the above reason may be true, there might be more behind Continuity Cop's omission. Firstly, Darkwing Duck does have a functional continuity. Continuity Cop's planned-for interaction with Darkwing could have been discovered to not work out during the script fase. In Brill's defense, Tad Stones likes to say Darkwing Duck is anti-continuity. An uglier thing to consider is that "Campaign Carnage" is the fourth of five arcs Brill has written and a recurring complaint about his writing is that he doesn't know or care about the source material very well. "Continuity Cop" rather sounds like a "take-that"-response in that context. It would not be without predecent. Someone involved might have advised against the villain's inclusion.