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Boom Studios 05 - Chief of Police declares

Commissioner Morton[1] is a high ranking official at the police department of St. Canard.



Presumably a long-serving police agent, Morton has made the necessary promotions to become the spokesperson of choice when the police department has something to say to the public. He is either a colleague of or the successor to the other chief from the cartoon.


Commissioner Morton believes in a thorough investigation before pointing fingers, but is still burdened with a level of naïveté that makes him susceptible to wrong conclusions. According to writer Aaron Sparrow, Darkwing is always attempting to please Morton, but Morton cannot stand him.[1]


Morton is a dognose-like dog with light beige skin, white hair up in a tuft, and thick blue-grey glasses. He isn't one for uniforms and goes dressed in formal wear with tie and trenchcoat.


Boom Studios! comics[]

In response to the "Darkwings" spreading chaos in St. Canard, Morton organizes a press conference to declare Darkwing Duck Public Enemy Number One. "Crisis on Infinite Darkwings, Part 1"

Joe Books comics[]

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"Crisis on Infinite Darkwings, Part 1"


  • Morton is modeled and named after Commissioner Gordon of Batman fame, specifically as he appeared in the 1992 cartoon Batman: The Animated Series.
    • The DuckTales 2017 series episode "The Duck Knight Returns!" features a similar character in the in-universe film Darkwing: First Darkness named Commissioner Haggard.
  • Morton was planned to appear in the unpublished ninth issue of the Joe Books series.[1]