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Clean Money is a Golden Look-Look Book that was published in 1992.


J. Gander Hooter, asked Darkwing and Launchpad to meet him at the St. Canard City Bank. Once there, he explained that somebody had been washing all the ink off of money, and that he needs DW to crack the case. Darkwing says he'll think of something, and promises to report back tomorrow.

That night, Ammonia Pine came into Hooter's office, and with her big vacuum, vacuumed him. Believing that without him, there would be nobody to stop her, she left his office laughing wickedly.

The next day, Darkwing and Launchpad went to Hooter's office. But instead of Hooter, they were met by Gryzlikoff. He told them Hooter had disappeared, and so for now, he was in charge, and that if they wanted to continue working there, they'd have to do things by the book. Darkwing agreed to, but only because he was worried about J. Gander Hooter.

Later that day, Launchpad-who was wearing a baby bonnet and sucking on a pacifier-, and Darkwing were in a diaper truck, parked by a different bank. They didn't know that Gryzlikoff was watching them on a two-way camera from his car. Darkwing complained about not wanting to do things by the S.H.U.S.H. rule book. Then, Ammonia Pine pulled up in a street-cleaning machine. Shoved a hose into the bank deposit box, and pumped soapy water into the bank. Darkwing wanted to go stop her, but Launchpad reminded him that they were supposed to radio Gryzlikoff first. Darkwing said that Gryzlikoff couldn't tell him what to do, and went anyway.

He pulled out his gas gun, but Ammonia was ready for him. She aimed the hose at DW & LP, and a huge soap bubble enclosed them. They began to rise skyward, floating above the city. When suddenly, the bubble popped, and they landed in the city dump. Agent Gryzlikoff was there, waiting for them. He called them bubble-brains and told them he had followed them, and that if they broke one more S.H.U.S.H. rule, they'd be fired. Which, made Darkwing angry. When they had fallen in the dump, a rag had ended up atop of Launchpad's beak. He removed it, but it left the ink of one of the dollar bills.

Darkwing figured that Ammonia's hide-out must not be very far, and it didn't take them long to find it. It was a building called "The Evergreen Mop Factory". They climbed on top of the factory roof, and looked down through the skylight. Sure enough, Ammonia was there, and Hooter too. J. Gander Hooter was tied to a giant mop, which would be going through a huge mop wringer. Before they could go in, Gryzlikoff approached them, and commanded them to stop. Ammonia Pine heard him, and shot a plunger attached to a rope up, which got stuck on his face and caused him to fall. Fortunately, DW had gotten out of sight just in time, and she hadn't noticed him.

Gryzlikoff was tied to the mop too, and Ammonia was excited to be offing not one, but two S.H.U.S.H. agents. She pulled a lever, and the wringer began pulling the mop close. Darkwing and Launchpad jumped down from the skylight, but before they could save J. Gander and Gryzlikoff, Ammonia pulled another lever, which made a gigantic vacuum go after them. It sucked them up, along with the S.H.U.S.H. rule book. They spun around inside the vacuum, and the S.H.U.S.H. rule book hurtled towards them. Darkwing grabbed it, and began ripping the pages out, to cover the vacuum's outtake vent, to prevent any air from leaving.

As it took in air but could no longer release any, the vacuum began to swell up like a balloon. Until eventually, it exploded. Darkwing and Launchpad shot out, and dirt got everywhere. Ammonia was horrified by the mess, and grabbed out her street-cleaner hose to shoot large bubbles at Darkwing. DW grabbed a broom and jumped on to one of the bubbles, and then Ammonia did the same thing. She used her mop to try and hit his bubble, but missed. Darkwing then used to pop hers, and succeeded, and she fell into the giant mop wringer.

Darkwing jumped down from the bubble, and landed next to Launchpad, J. Gander Hooter, and Gryzlikoff. Slowly, Ammonia came out the other side of the wringer, now flat as a pancake. When the police arrived, they rolled her up like a rug, and carried her away. Hooter shook Darkwing's hand, and congratulated him on solving the case, while Gryzlikoff finally managed to pull the plunger off his face. Darkwing said it was nothing, and that he had actually done things by the book this time, while making sure that Gryzlikoff saw what had become of the S.H.U.S.H. rule book.


  • This book is an adaption of the Season 1 episode "Dirty Money".