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Star Crossed Circuits - Cheese Gang entry

The Cheese Gang is an all-mouse quintet of criminals who use cheese guns as weapons. They mainly rob banks.

Only the leader of the Cheese Gang ever spoke. He is voiced by Charlie Adler.



The Cheese Gang are 1920s-1930s style criminals whose signature weapons are liquid cheese-spraying tommy-esque guns. They are simple crooks who are only interested in quick monetary gain.


The group enjoys a joke once in a while, in particular on the people caught up in their robberies.


  • The leader of the gang is the shortest, compensating with a tall blue hat. He dresses in an all-blue business suit.
  • One gang member has thick eyebrows and blue irises. He wears a blue bobble cap, a red sweater, and blue pants. He's marginally taller than the leader.
  • One gang member has his eyes covered by his brown hair. He wears a grey hat and dark blue sweater and pants. He's a full head taller than the leader.
  • The lone female gang member is dressed in shades of red. She's the only one not to wear any sort of hat. She's between the aformentioned two in height. She bears a resemblance to Gadget Hackwrench from Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers.
  • The largest gang member wears a red bowler hat, an undersized black shirt, and black pants.



The Cheese Gang tries to rob the Sitting Duck National Bank, but the joined forces of Darkwing Duck and his new D-2000 super-computer stop them. The police have them all taken to jail, from which they escape soon after. This time, D-2000 takes care of them alone. "Star Crossed Circuits" After a heist, the Cheese Gang finds itself pursued by Darkwing Duck and Launchpad. The heroes apprehend them by landing on top of their getaway car. "Fraudcast News"

Joe Books comics[]

The Cheese Gang becomes incarcerated in the St. Canard Maximum Security Prison for the Criminally Crafty. Along with all other inmates, they are freed from their cells by Negaduck to escape en masse and to hunt down a locked-in Darkwing. The Cheese Gang is sicced on the remaining personnel and journalists to keep them out of the way. "Orange Is the New Purple, Part 2"


  • Not all members of the Cheese Gang show up in "Fraudcast News". The woman is absent and whether the leader is is a matter of how one interprets the animation.