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Cartoon Tales was a magazine mainly containing reprints of Disney movie adaptions and Disney Afternoon comic stories previously published in either the Disney Comics series or Disney Adventures. Each issue contains an average of two to three separate stories. It was published by Disney Comics, which went out of business in May of 1993, meaning only eighteen issues were released (with one cancelled inbetween) since the launch in September of 1991.

In the entire run of Cartoon Tales, twice an issue was dedicated to Darkwing Duck. The first, issue #7, Just Us Justice Ducks, contains the first print of "Just Us Justice Ducks" after its release as part of the Disney Comics run was cancelled. The second, issue #9, Capes and Capers, contains reprints of three of the early Darkwing Duck comics from Disney Adventures.

Darkwing Duck comics[]

Title Issue Date Source
"Just Us Justice Ducks" 07 February 1992 Darkwing Duck
"Liquid Diet" 09 December 1992 Disney Adventures #2-03
"The Kitty Kat Kaper" 09 December 1992 Disney Adventures #2-09
"The Found World" 09 December 1992 Disney Adventures #2-05

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