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Camille Chameleon used to be an ordinary woman that would never fit in anywhere. She spent her time studying biology and became obsessed with chameleons and their ability to fit in everywhere. She extracted the chameleon's essence giving her fantastic transforming abilities. However, her experiments are expensive, and she has taken to counterfieting money to cover her costs and her lifestyle.

Camille is voiced by Jennifer Darling.


Camille was originally simply a normal highschool duck, pretty enough, but with a personality that left her outcast. She developed a fascination with chameleons and their ability to fit into any situation, and through her experiments, developed a serum which gave her their abilities, and then some. Camille became able to imitate the appearance of any person, and even inanimate objects.

It also gave her a long lizard's tail and a noteable lisp.

But Camille fell on hard times. Her experiments were expensive, and she was still unable to interact with people and hold a job. So she turned to counterfieting money, stealing a set of printing plates. Unfortunately, while she had the plates, her home printing setup in her cave-lair turned out to be insufficient to the task of printing quality fakes. Like Bushroot before her, she found her home made money just didn't hold up. Worse, Darkwing Duck was on her tail, so to speak.

Using her chameleonic abilities, Camille captured Darkwing and Launchpad, and escaped to impliment a new plan.

Using her powers, Camille replaced Mrs. Howell and took over the Howell publishing empire in St. Canard, intending to utilize its massive printing presses and high quality inks to run off her funny money. Darkwing Duck stumbled on her trail, beleiving not that she was after the presses, but after Howell's Chameleon Diamond, a rare gem she wore.

This led to a second confusing encounter between the heroes and the criminal, with Camille quickly imitating Gosalyn, Launchpad, and even Darkwing himself as she attempted to flee the scene and/or capture them. It got so bad that Darkwing almost beat up Honker, and Launchpad actually clobbered DW inadvertantly in attempting to subdue the criminal!

The situation was resolved when Honker Muddlefoot, himself suffering an identity crisis thanks to Darkwing's egotistical meddling, realized that if Camille had taken on the traits of the chameleon, that she had also become cold-blooded. Turning up the heat in the room caused the criminal to lose control over her metabolic rate and her changeling abilities and to lose her disguie, rapidly shifting between forms out of control. It culminated in Camille degenerating into a small chameleon lizard, easing her capture.

Darkwing would sentance her to "ten years in a maximum strength terrarium." and advises her that it was best to be yourself instead of changing into someone else.

Powers and Abilities[]

Camille had the ability to assume the shape, size, and physical qualities of any object. This included acquiring prodigeous strength when she took the form of a giant thug, and holding objects inside of herself when she turned into a safe.

There were limits though. Her voice remained the same including her tell-tale lisp, and her eyes retained a trademark yellow cast.


Camille the Chameleon loses control of her powers.

A flaw in Camille's impressive powers is that she is cold-blooded and relies on her environment to steady her metabolism. Make the room she is in too hot or too cold, and she loses her ability to control her own body.



"Calm a Chameleon"

Boom! Studios comics[]

After a time working for John D. Rockerduck, "DuckTales" Camille is recruited by Magica De Spell for the League of Eve-il along with Cinnamon Teal and Ammonia Pine. As the four women search the caverns underneath St. Canard for a good place to set up a base, they discover the ink. Magica recognizes its potential and the group builds their scheme around the toxic substance. "Dangerous Currency, Part 3" After months of preparation, they infect the entirety of St. Canard with the ink, making it their personal playground to control from Quackwerks HQ. They also free several criminals in jail at the time to use as troops in return for ink-powered enhancements. On Magica's orders, Megavolt and the Beagle Boys are sent to Audubon Bay Bridge where they've seen Scrooge McDuck and company going. Much to all villains' delight, they find the Gizmosuit there and steal it. "Dangerous Currency, Part 1" When Scrooge, Darkwing Duck, Gyro Gearloose, and Little Helper come to look for Magica, the League of Eve-il and their allies are waiting for them. The heroes escape, "Dangerous Currency, Part 2" but the League is flexible. They relocate the ink and their troops to Duckburg to keep the heroes in the defense. "Dangerous Currency, Part 3" What they don't expect is for the heroes to invent a device that shows the source of the ink, much less for it to open a portal to the wasteland. The ink turns out to be Negaduck after his body has been hit by the tronsplitter numerous times, which resulted in his consciousness to become stuck in the other dimension. He is freed and promptly takes control of the ink. Because of this, the ink lessens in power and the League of Evil agrees to team up with him to keep control of the situation. They, Negaduck, the Phantom Blot, and the Beagle Boys become one with the ink. They have the upper hand until the portal is reopened. It sucks Negaduck back to the wasteland and because the others are linked to him, they involuntarily follow to the other dimension. "Dangerous Currency, Part 4"

Joe Books comics[]

Camille becomes incarcerated in the new maximum security jail in St. Canard. Along with all other inmates, she is freed from his cell by Negaduck to hunt down a locked-in Darkwing. "Orange Is the New Purple, Part 1"



  • Camille was originally one of the characters for Kit Colby and the Rescue Rangers, the original pitch for what would become Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers.[1] Rescue Rangers Camille was an actual chameleon, who'd "make" her own clothes by color-changing parts of her body into fabric patterns. As the concept was changed to include Chip and Dale, "Kit" went to TaleSpin and "Camille" ended up in Darkwing Duck.[2]
  • Camille's abilities are based on that of the Spider-Man villain Chameleon.
  • Despite not having any allies shown the her own episode. She had a pet chameleon(s) as she mentioned taking its/their essence giving her the powers she currently posses.