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Calisota is one of the states of the United States of America. It is the state housing such eventful cities as St. Canard, Duckburg, and Mouseton.

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Known cities included within the borders of Calisota are St. Canard, Duckburg, Mouseton, Goosetown, and Chickentown, and it may also include Twin Beaks and Spoonerville.



"Tiff of the Titans"

Disney Adventures comics[]

"The Legend of the Chaos God"


  • St. Canard has technically never been stated to be located in Calisota. It has, however, been strongly implied to be a city nearby Duckburg, which is located in Calisota in the Carl Barks comics and DuckTales, confirmed for the latter by the episode "Yuppy Ducks".
  • The name "Calisota" is a portmanteau of "California" and "Minnesota" invented by Carl Barks. It may have had a rival name in "Cauliflowernia". Despite the focus on California, Calisota is a "traveling" state, situated wherever the story needs it to be.[1]