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The Brainteasers are a quartet from the planet Fez that is at the head of an alien army set on conquest. The team is led by Flarg, the prospective intergalactic ruler.

The team consists of:


All of the Brainteasers can hypnotize any person they like to stun them. Then they jump on their head to control them unless they wear a hat or gel which is too slippery for them. However, if the body sneezes, they will be launched up and their control is broken for as long as they don't make direct contact with the head.

Hat-shaped aliens that take over "host" bodies by sticking on their heads. They then completely control the host, give it incredible strength, and use their own voices. They subsist on metal, which they force their hosts to eat.



The spaceship of Flarg, Barada, and Nikto gets badly damaged by a bomb placed by the Girdist Revolutionaries and consequently crash-lands on Earth. The first lifeforms the trio encounters are two sheep and a cow, whom they select as bodies. Flarg and Barada discuss recent events while Nikto samples the local metal, but all three are startled from their activities when the Thunderquack flies over and lands nearby. Flarg is impressed that the population has mastered flight and watches as Gosalyn Mallard, Launchpad McQuack, and Honker Muddlefoot leave the plane. He mistakes Gosalyn's knowledge of pop culture for information on real events and upon hearing that the Centaurons overran Galactic Sector ΔQ becomes angry at Barada for not keeping him up to date. The anger subsides again when Honker comes close to investigate Brainteasers' spaceship. The size of his head is a signal to the group that the boy is a quality body, so Flarg abandons the cow to take control of Honker. He has Barada and Nikto hitch along in Honker's backpack to the Mallards' residence. There, they find Drake Mallard caught up in a game of Whiffle Boy. Mistaking his words on the game for more real-world information, Flarg leaves Barada with Drake and takes Nikto along after Gosalyn. Barada takes control of Drake with ease, but Gosalyn deduces the nature of the strange hats before they can easily place Nikto on her head. The Brainteasers follow her to Darkwing Tower, where Nikto succeeds in hijacking Launchpad. "Battle of the Brainteasers" "The Revenge of the Return of the Brainteasers, Too!"


  • The Brainteasers are never referred to as such within their episodes. The team name is exclusive to the episodes' titles.
  • The names of two Brainteasers, Barada and Nikto, come from the iconic phrase "Klaatu barada nikto" from the 1951 movie The Day the Earth Stood Still.