Ghoul of My Dreams - class in session

Ms. Boriscowski was a third grade teacher in St. Canard. She's probably dead and the school she worked at doesn't exist anymore either.



Boriscowski was active as teacher in the 1960s or about 30 years prior to Darkwing Duck becoming the protector of St. Canard. An elderly woman at the time, odds are she has died since then.


As a kind but no-nonsense teacher, Boriscowski has left an impression on those who once sat in her class.


Boriscowski is a medium-length duck with white feathers and hay-colored blonde hair done up in a bun. She wears sweaters and and ankle-length skirts.



To torment Darkwing Duck during his stay in Dream World, Nodoff summons a nightmare in which Darkwing is back in third grade. Ms. Boriscowski gives him a test of thousands of pages that he has to finish in five minutes. Ghoul of My Dreams

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