• LegalTechnology

    Hey guys, LegalTechnology here. I can't help but wonder where all my fellow Honker fans are? Like seriously, whenever I see fan-art, fan-fiction, or just people talking about the show in general, it rarely includes Honker. I feel like he's pretty underrated. He's one of the main characters for crying out loud! Not to mention he's helped with quite a few cases, & is best friends with Gosalyn. Honker is pretty awesome! I can't be the only one who thinks this! I realize that there aren't many active people on this wiki, but to all of you that are, what's your opinion on Honker Muddlefoot?

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  • LegalTechnology

    The time for Gosalyn's debut in DuckTales keeps getting closer and closer! Let's Get Dangerous! looks AMAZING. I mean, sure I don't know much about it yet, but it's got DARKWING and GOSALYN and LAUNCHPAD and WHAT MORE COULD I ASK FOR. IT'S GONNA BE EPIC!

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  • FoxPixarMedia

    Gentlemen , back in April 2020 there was a 3 and a half hour film that became a mega hit

    It was called “Darkwing Duck : Prison Break”

    BlaBlaSmartie2018 has brought the page back to its original form

    And I don’t like it

    I want it to contain the film , NOT just about the comic

    Watch the film here :

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  • Leannholsclaw

    The World of Monsters and Magic

    Monsters are the Supernatural Creatures


    Normals don’t use magic

    Darkwing Duck Episode:Hot Spells

    Magic and Alchemy Science and Chemistry

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  • Leannholsclaw

    Gosalyn and Morgana had first met and there was no episode about it and I love that Gosalyn and Morgana got along and get to know each other better

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  • PikolaM

    Let's Get Dangerous!!

    August 27, 2018 by PikolaM

    I only have vaugue childhood memories of the show, so I have started to re-watch the show (thanks Internet!). Once I re-watch the episodes, I want to start putting more notes in some of the episodes, I know some don't have a lot in them right now. I'm excited to re-watch this old favorite!

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    Hilary lands in the human world while trying to stop some evildoers.

    (The episode starts off with Kima looking at the portal that leads to the human world.)

    • Lightning: “There she is.”
    • Kima: “What are you doing here.”
    • All: (Talking at once).
    • Hilary: “I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the trickster who tricks you on April Fool’s day and scares you on Halloween. I am the Masked Avenger.”
    • Kima: “You’ve led Hilary right to the human world you knobs.”
    • Lightning: “We’re not knobs and we’ll prove it. C’mon guys. Let’s fry some chicken.”
    • Hilary: “Uh Oh.”

    (The four villians started to fight Hilary.)

    • All: “We got her.”

    (They carried her to the portal.)

    • Hilary: “Hey.”

    (They reached the portal just before Kima could stop them.)

    • Kima: “No.”

    (Too late. The …

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    Darkwing Duck is coming to DuckTales (2017).

    As soon as I saw Darkwing Duck in Disney Crossy Road. I knew I have to get the terror that flaps in the night.

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  • Miss Chievous

    I have been watching some episodes, and I just happended to have seen a weird episode where Megavolt is riding a flying sink. That is just awesome! No other character has done that before.

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