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The Legend of the Chaos God - Potsherds

Bisk's mother is an archeologist who was active during the first half of the 20th century. She is the wife of Professor Potsherd, a colleague of hers, and the mother of Bisk. She and her family are, without meaning to, the ones responsible for the second chance at life acquired by Solego, the Chaos God, but her son helped defeat him decades later when old age had probably already caught up with her.



The woman presumably met her husband some time between 1920 and 1930, as Bisk seems to be ten years old around 1940. The excavation at Rakkinroon appears to be mostly his project, or at least it is credited so, and her involvement is ill-documented. Because she probably was around 40 in 1940, odds are she died prior to 1990.


Much like her husband, the woman puts research before caution. She doesn't take risks that are unnecessary, but that leaves a whole lot of necessary — as far as her archeological goals are concerned — risks to be taken.


The woman appears to be a slender fox of medium-to-tall height.


Disney Adventures comics[]

The woman has arranged an excavation worth of months of work on the island of Rakkinroon in the company of her husband and her son. One day they discover and enter the Temple of Duumingluum, there they find a peculiar altar that, as they suspect, might be related to the Chaos God, Solego. They obtain intriguing artifacts embed in a block of jade atop the altar, which after some precautions are packaged to be sent to the museum with the first shipment from Rakkinroon. "The Legend of the Chaos God"


  • The woman is never properly identified. She only appears in one panel in Part 4 of "The Legend of the Chaos God" in proximity of Porfessor Potsherd and Bisk. She might as well be simply part of Potsherd's archeological team, although for that matter no mention is made of there being an archeological team either. Assuming her to be Potsherd's wife and Bisk's mother is the one option that answers a few questions without opening others.