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Something Fishy - Darkwing's submarine

Billy is a large octopus and one of Neptunia's closest companions.



Billy is one of the two octopi allied with Neptunia, the other being Hal. They both function as muscle and operate more closely with her than most of her army does.


Possibly the most aggressive of Neptunia's followers, Billy isn't someone to be left without supervision, even if he's reliable and capable.


Billy is a medium orange octopus with three brown spots on his forehead. He has large eyes and a bird-like beak.



Billy is with Neptunia's troops when they invade one of the beaches of Audubon Bay. He smashes some trashcans together to form a ball he uses to clog up the pipe of a nearby factory. The building explodes and gives Darkwing Duck a reason to come after him. Billy is saved by a whale and retreats shortly after when Neptunia calls her troops back. Darkwing and Launchpad dive into the bay to search for the marine miscreants, but Neptunia finds them first. She blows her trumpet to call Billy to seize them. Billy's grip is tight, so Neptunia has to tell him to ease up in order not to kill them. The two take the crimefighters to Neptunia's base, where Neptunia locks them up. Then she and Billy travel to St. Canard, where they have free reign as Neptunia has caused the city to become flooded. Darkwing and Launchpad escape and man a submarine to get close. Neptunia spots them and sics Billy on them to squeeze them out. "Something Fishy"


  • The name Billy used for this article comes from Billy the Squid from the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers episode "Piratsy Under the Seas". The model of Billy the Squid, a pun on Billy the Kid, is the one used for the octopus in "Something Fishy". The only thing that gets in the way of calling them the same character is that Billy the Squid is significantly smaller than the other octopus. It could be he was simply younger in Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers.
  • It is likely that Billy and Hal are meant to be the same octopus, but Billy's never called Hal and the confirmed Hal has got a different animation model. Noticeably, Billy has a beak while Hal's lack of one is even commented on by Neptunia.