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Beauty and the Beet


Darkwing Duck: It all started at St. Canard University on a normal spring day. Normal that is except for Scientific Research Lab 356. It was your average research lab, with your average research rats, research robots, and your average research scientists. Average that is except for… Dr. Reggie Bushroot, a man with a passion for plants.

Bushroot: Hey stop you guys! Give it back! Come on, give it back!

Dr. Gary: Calm down, Reggie After all, it’s only a potato.

Dr. Larson: Yeah a mashed potato.

Bushroot: My..my experimental spud You..you..you’ve ruined it!

Darkwing Duck: It was then that she walked in. Her name was Dr. Rhoda Dendron. It didn’t take a Ph.D. in mathematics to see that she was one hot numero.

Dr. Larson and Dr. Gary: Good morning Dr. Dendron.

Dr. Larson: Uh, we were just helping Reggie with his research.

Rhoda Dendron: I can imagine. Is everything all right, Dr. Bushroot?

Bushroot: Ah what?

Rhoda Dendron: Your experiment. How’s it coming?

Bushroot: It’s..it’s fine. I think all my research is about ready to pay off.

Dr. Larson: Research? Ha! Hi I’m Dr. Reggie Bushroot. I can’t do real research, so I play with plants.

Dr. Gary: Oh, good zing-a-roo, Dr. Larson.

Dr. Larson: Thank you, Dr. Gary.

Bushroot: I’m not playing. If my research is successful, someday we’ll get out nutrition just like plants. We’ll be able to snack on sunlight!

Dr. Gary: There’s no money in nutrition. It’s not quality people want, it’s quantity. You see, bigger food means bigger profits, and bigger profits means…

Dr. Larson and Dr. Gary: Money, money, money!

Dean Tightbill: Did I hear someone mention money?

Dr. Larson and Dr. Gary: Good morning Dean Tightbill.