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"Bad Luck Duck" is a season 1 episode of Darkwing Duck.


Darkwing Duck is accused of stealing a Tribe's magical jewel and the leader puts a eternal bad luck curse on him. Now they have to get it back from Negaduck and stop him from using it. But where is the witch doctor to get the curse off?


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Darkwing: All right, evil doer. Suck...(pulls trigger on the gas gun and two small fish pop out)...Sushi? Negaduck steals a large amount of caly) Negaduck: There, that's two tons of the stuff. Enough Kooky Clay to last me for years. Too bad Saint Canard won't last that long.

Gosalyn gives Darkwing a jalapeño burger and he flies through the roof) Gosalyn: Presto. One jalapeño powered wall smasher.

"Bad luck.My webfoot.This could've happen to anyone.I'll just grab this vine and I’ll..."

— Darkwing Duck

Darkwing: (sees just five members) This is my entire fan club? Gosalyn: Kinda underwhelming, huh?

Darkwing: (jumps onto Negaduck's plane) All right, Negaduck. Time to face the music! Negaduck: Ooh, I love musicals. How about a little "Bye Bye Birdie!" (flips a switch and opens the hatch to fling Darkwing off)

"Okay. Maybe my luck's a little bad."

— Darkwing Duck

Darkwing: I am the itch that you cannot reach. Negaduck: (Mocking Darkwing) How nice. It's the terror that trips in the night.





  • When Negaduck is parachuting to the island, for a brief second he is wearing Darkwing's outfit.
  • The amulet hanging from the witch doctor's neck is gone in the scene before Negaduck steals it.
  • The Thunderquack is colored like Negaduck's plane when Darkwing ejects himself by accident.
  • Negaduck is colored like Darkwing when he drops the lion clay statue.