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Hero for a Day - Back-Alley Bushwacker

The Back-Alley Bushwacker is a muscular thug who might simply be out to beat up as many unsuspecting civilians as possible. He delights in being the stronger one, but he also is oddly helpful if he can empathize with a bother.



The Back-Alley Bushwacker might be Australian. His civilian name is unknown, as is why he goes around beating up people in St. Canard. He wears contact lenses and his experiences with losing them make him helpful to people who have the same problem, but only until the item has been found.


One to be careful around, the Back-Alley Bushwacker enjoys being the bigger and the stronger one and seeks out confrontations that allow him to relish it. Tough as he is, most targets will do for that. This, in turn, makes him overconfident and easy to lure into an unfounded sense of security.


The Back-Alley Bushwacker is a muscular and tall dog with a large snout and a black beard. He wears a black mask around his eyes and contact lenses. He wears a slouch hat and dresses is a simple, plain clothes.


Disney Adventures comics[]

The Back-Alley Bushwacker is the current reason to fear when you're out late at night, so Darkwing uses him as an example of a villain Launchpad should be able to hold his own against. During the training, Launchpad accidentally injures Darkwing with the teddy bear stand-in for the villain and has to take over patrol that night. As luck would have, he encounters the Back-Alley Bushwacker on his route. The villain has the upper hand in seconds and doesn't let Launchpad go either. Launchpad distracts him by claiming he lost his contact, but while the Back-Alley Bushwacker helps, the hit Launchpad deals out while he's distracted has little influence. Gosalyn tries to help him by letting the Back-Alley Bushwacker find the pie bazooka they brought along and aim it at Launchpad. Launchpad cowers away, apologizing, which makes the villain laugh and lean against the bazooka to keep standing. Launchpad crawls over and hits the trigger, taking down the thug with cherry pie. Darkwing is impressed when he hears about it later. "Hero for a Day"