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Audubon Bay Bridge

The Audubon Bay Bridge is a suspension bridge which spans the Audubon Bay, linking Duckburg to St. Canard. It hosts four towers, one of which is the location of Darkwing Duck's hideout, aptly named Darkwing Tower.

There have been several different ways that Darkwing is able to enter Darkwing Tower. He has ridden the Ratcatcher along the bridge's suspension cables, entered through an underwater hydraulic lift in the pilot episode, and used the twin blue chairs in his home to transport himself and another person(s) to and from the tower.


  • Duckburg

    The Bridge on the left in DuckTales's oft-used wide shot of Duckburg

    Audubon Bay Bridge is named after John James Audubon, a 19th century ornithologist.
  • The Bridge can be seen in wide shots of Duckburg in both DuckTales and its 2017 reboot.  
  • A bridge with a similar design was already a part of Duckburg's architecture as early as the 1940s, as seen in the Donald Duck comic story "Good Neighbors", though there was no indication that it bridged Duckburg and Saint Canard (which did not yet exist).