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Kung Fooled - Ancient Dragon of Kung Pow

The Ancient Dragon of Kung Pow is what Goose Lee sought for his evil purpose. It is really a baby. It appeared in "Kung Fooled".


The dragon was stone, and the only thing that could return it to it's former glory was it's horn, which was in the city of Kung Pow. Goose Lee stole the ancient dragon's horn, and returned it to the dragon, freeing it from it's stone prison, hoping to use it to scare everyone out of the city, so he could use the space to build Ninja Land. However, the dragon was just a baby, and only interested in playing. But due to it's size, even that was a problem.

After all that was dealt with, and they stopped the little dragon from messing up the town, Ninja Land did get built anyway, just in a different location. And the dragon got to play after all, as part of his job at Ninja Land.

The Ancient Dragon of Kung Pow