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Aaron Sparrow is a comic book writer and editor who got his start as a copy editor at Tokyopop. In 2009, he became the Lead Editor for Boom! Studios' new line of Disney comic books. In addition to his editorial work on these titles, Sparrow also heavily lobbied to do a Darkwing Duck comic, having been a huge fan of the cartoon. He plotted the Darkwing Duck comic story "The Duck Knight Returns", but was not allowed to actually write it. Ian Brill was tasked with writing the story, with Sparrow and the comic's artist, James Silvani, making necessary changes in editing. Unfortunately, Sparrow was fired during the arc's publication.

After working with Silvani again on Ape Entertainment's Richie Rich comic book in 2011, and keeping in touch with fellow Darkwing Duck fans on the Negaverse.net forums, Sparrow finally returned to writing for Darkwing Duck when the license was picked up by Joe Books in 2014. Under Joe Books, Sparrow rewrote the dialogue for the first four arcs of Boom!'s Darkwing Duck comic to bring them more in line with the cartoon (released as Darkwing Duck: The Definitively Dangerous Edition), and also wrote every issue of the comic's short-lived continuation, with at least two more stories planned before its abrupt cancellation.

Despite the positive reception to his work, he would not be writing for Dynamite Entertainment's Darkwing Duck comic;[1] as a result, many of the plot threads in his stories will never, ever be resolved.