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"A Star is Scorned" is an episode from Darkwing Duck.


Darkwing Duck -along with the rest of the Darkwing Duck characthers- is shown to be only actor(s) for "Dizzy" (i.e. Walt Disney Studio) who finds out he will be replaced by none other than Reginald Bushroot! This is actually a move by the series producer to scam expense money from the studio since its more cheaper to have a plant than a duck for a star! Will D.W. end up a has been movie star?


Darkwing's TV producer feels that Darkwing's TV show needs a new gimmick in the form of a spin-off character, which might really be Darkwing's replacement.


Darkwing: I am the clock cleaner who will ring your chimes.

Bushroot: Take a deep breath and say, "guilty,"

Darkwing: I am the editor that leaves you on the cutting room floor.

Darkwing: I am the slug that slimes your begonias.

Bushroot: I am the ivy that clogs your pipes. I am the taproot that... clogs your pipes.

Darkwing:You and Herb playing Big Business Tycoons?...Let me Guess in your contract "The Studio Is always right"?


  • Bushroot and the Muddlefoots actually ride to the studio in a limo car!
  • As Darkwing Duck enter the studio, he is greeted by the security guard who is a nod to Ralph the security guard in the Animaniacs, with a similar speech and mannerism.
  • Gosalyn and D.W. have to sneak into the studio building. Gosalyn is disguised as Louie and Darkwing is disguised as Donald Duck, respectively.
  • Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach and Benny the Cab from Who Framed Roger Rabbit can be seen in the Studio's parking lot.
  • Binkie's line about her and Herb playing the role of villanous tycoons without reddeeming values seem to be a satirical nod to enviromental shows like Captain Planet.
  • In "Twitching Channels" Rockwell the producer is a real world cartoon writer who gets rich listening to other "voices" from his radar helmet- first Darkwing Duck and then other "voices" which are actually the actors from Walt Disney other cartoon series "Chip N Dale's Rescue Rangers".
  • As the puppet Darkwing flies out at Bushroot, Darkwing says: "You're a villain! Even if it looks like you're not. Surrender Dorothy! I mean Bushroot." a reference to the scene in The Wizard Of Oz where The Wicked Witch Of The West skywrites "SURRENDER DOROTHY" .